Loving without looking

This may as well say, “Women, your hot days have sailed. Forget those awesome curves that come with motherhood or that sexy swagger ripened through confidence. Read on and will you learn how to obtain that thin boyish body only 5% of you had during your adolescence.”

Love begets beauty and not the other way around.

If you can’t muster a feeling of love towards yourself, then start with truth. Get to know yourself. Try writing about yourself as if you are the heroine of a great novel. Begin with description and be liberal with it. Inspect and interrogate your crevices. Admire and appreciate your idiosyncrasies. Embrace the pock-marks, the awkwardness, the pudgy, the curves that go nowhere, the elongated features (for no apparent evolutionary reason), the scars, the wrinkles, the non-fruitlike forms, the errant hair, the birthmarks, the freckles, the mutations, the growths, and, of course, the smile that illuminates it all.

“What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.”

- Brene Brown

I amenough.