Stones, walls and bridges

Ah, how tempting it is to close the shutters, to put up a wall when I am confronted with criticism, negativity or anger from others. To retreat in myself, feeling sorry for myself, for being treated so harshly, so unfairly. Poor little me, poor angry me in a world that is so imperfect.  If only people could be friendlier, happier, gentler…….I complain. I fret.  I cry.  I can´t sleep.

It surprises me every time again how easy it is for me to get caught up in the illusion that the other person is to blame for making me feel miserable. I should know by now that it is not the negativity of others that is killing me, it is my own. Every argument I make to convince myself that I am right and the other person wrong, is another brick on the wall around me, imprisoning me,  disconnecting me, keeping out the light.

When I kill the illusion, the walls come crumbling down. And suddenly the world seems so much brighter, my heart so much lighter, the others so much friendlier, happier, gentler.

The world may provide me with stones every day, but it is up to me what I build out of it, a wall or a bridge.

I amopen.